Five Hotels on Sentosa Island Complete with Attractions and Locations

The end of the year holiday is coming soon. If Singapore is an option because since April it has made it easier for foreign tourists to visit through the vaccinated travel framework (VTF) program, you can try to relax on Sentosa Island. Because, there are beaches, Universal Studios, and Imbiah Lookout to find rides for fun. No need to worry if you want to find a place to rest there. For those who have more budget to stay on Sentosa Island, there are five hotels that can be an option. Here are the recommendations.

Village Hotel Sentosa

For those who are on vacation with family, staying at the Village Hotel can be an option. Because, this hotel is specifically for families with children. This hotel has a child friendly look. For those who like to swim, the swimming pool at this hotel has several choices with attractive designs.

Because for families, the rooms provided also have an adequate area. The smallest, 22 square meters with king size bed. While the most spacious, 44 square meters which contains 1 king bed and 2 twin beds. Suitable for large families.

As a family-themed hotel, Village Hotel does not only provide amenities for parents. But also children. In addition, the hotel is close to the Imbiah station for the Sentosa Express train. So, it's easier if you want to go to the beach, Universal Studios Singapore, or exit Sentosa Island to the hub at VivoCity Station.

Alamat: 10 Artillery Avenue, #02-01 Palawan Ridge, Sentosa Island.

The Outpost Hotel Sentosa

If Village Hotel is devoted to families with children, at Outpost Hotel this is not the case. Small children are prohibited in this hotel. Because, this elegant inn with a dominant dark color is reserved for adult guests only. That's why, this hotel has many facilities or entertainment for ages 17 years and over.

For example, the mini bar, then the bar on the top floor, which is also access to the exclusive swimming pool on the rooftop. For the swimming pool, this hotel actually shares with the Village Hotel because it is located in one building complex. However, if you don't want to swim with small children, the choice can be to the rooftop.

At Outpost Hotel, there are 193 rooms, each designed in black and white shades. This hotel is suitable for adults or couples who want to have an exclusive room experience. Because it is in the same complex as the Village Hotel, Outpost Hotel is also close to the Imbiah station for the Sentosa Express.

Address: 10 Artillery Avenue #03-01 Palawan Ridge

The Barrack Hotel Sentosa

This hotel is special for those who have more budget. Because, The Barrack Hotel is one of the most expensive hotels on Sentosa Island. Understandably, this hotel has a classic feel with a familiar heritage building. It can be seen from the name of the hotel that it is not without reason to use the name barrack. Because, during the colonial era, the building that is currently being converted into a room is an army barracks.

What is special, of course, is the classic colonial feel that is maintained. The building has been around since 1904. Apart from the shape of the building, accessories such as doors, windows, and shoe cleaning tools from mud are still original during the world war era. This hotel feels more classic vibes because the interior uses furniture with an old feel too.

The Barrack Hotel maintains its exclusivity by providing only 40 rooms. 20 on the first floor, and another 20 on the second floor. Which is on the first floor, there is a door to access the swimming pool. With the old style, sitting or swimming against a colonial background brings a romantic feel to being a colonial rich person.

Because this hotel is quite expensive, guests who go there usually have their own mission. Namely, enjoy the quiet and spend more time in the room than outside. This hotel is also still in the Village Hotel and Outpost Hotel complexes, so it is quite close to the Imbiah station for the Sentosa Express.

Address: 2 Gunner Lane, Palawan Ridge, Sentosa Island

Oasia Hotel Sentosa

Similar to Barrack Hotel, Oasia Hotel also still maintains the face of a colonial building. So this hotel also gives the impression of past romance. What sets this hotel apart from others is its target market. Oasia Hotel targets guests who care about their health.

This can be seen from the facilities offered. Starting from a spa, nutritious food, various health-related activities, to a comfortable hotel design like at home. Oasia Hotel calls it the right place to refresh, recharge, and refuel the mind, body, and soul.

The rooms here are quite large. The smallest one, namely the premier room, has a brush of 30 square meters. Junior suites are 40 sqm. As for the suite up to 60 square meters. Spacious rooms are not without reason, because in front of the television there is enough room to do yoga. Interestingly, all rooms at Oasia can be used for three. So, suitable for with family or friends.

Address: 23 Beach View, Palawan Ridge, #01-01, Sentosa Island

Hard Rock Hotel Sentosa

For music fans, the name Hard Rock must be familiar. On Sentosa Island, there is a hotel. Interestingly, this hotel is adjacent to Universal Studios Singapore. So, just walk if you want to go to the playground or to the SEA Aquarium. In addition, this hotel is also equipped with an unusually large swimming pool and is made in such a way that it resembles a beach.

As a hotel that has a musical DNA, many memorabilia from famous musicians are posted. Including in the room wall. There, the interiors of the rooms are modern with a cool vibe for a luxurious experience and a touch of rock and roll. There are four rooms, namely a regular deluxe room and a pool view. Each has an area of 40 square meters.

If you need a bigger one, you can choose the deluxe suites which have an area of 76 square meters. All Deluxe rooms are suitable for families with two children. The largest room is Rock Star Suites with an area of 179 square meters. So large, this room can be occupied by up to 5 adults and two children.

Address: 8 Sentosa Gateway Sentosa Island, 098269

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