If You Intend to Travel to Taiwan, Explore These 6 Most Exciting Events


When planning a vacation in Asia, Taiwan turns out to be an interesting choice! In addition to the rich and beautiful natural scenery, various exciting events there also add to the lively holiday atmosphere.

The Taiwan Tourism Bureau ID report, Thursday (18/8), said that there were many exciting events being held throughout Taiwan. In addition to annual or traditional festivals, Taiwan also regularly holds a number of other events.

In Taiwan, every tourist can take part in events such as a summer carnival to cycling with tourists from various countries or local residents. This all you can only experience while on vacation to Taiwan.

Therefore, it is important to extend the vacation time and explore Taiwan more deeply. Moreover, Taiwan is not only a favorite culinary tourism spot in Asia, but one of the countries that have many interesting tourist destinations to visit.

Interested in a vacation to Taiwan? The following is a list of exciting events that can be followed while on vacation to Taiwan.

1. Dapeng Bay Marine Festival

Enjoy the summer atmosphere at Dapeng Bay Marine Festival with beautiful bay views. The event offers many water activities such as sailing, canoeing, yachting and many other water sports.

Visitors can also experience the local culture through market exhibitions featuring local delights and other interesting things to try. There is also an open-air market on the coast to explore, and tourists can watch a sailing competition, visit a fishing village on the bay and learn about its culture and food.

2. Taiwan East Coast Land Arts Festival 2022 & Moonlight Sea Concert 2022

Taiwan East Coast Land Arts Festival & Moonlight Sea Concert this year held on the east coast of Taiwan. Tourists will be spoiled with enormous outdoor installations and several art studios along Provincial Highway 11.

Not only that, tourists will also get a new experience attending concerts with beautiful beach views from June to September. Each year, the festival will offer a different theme to provide a variety of experiences for tourists to see. Not only has it demonstrated the diversity of Taiwan’s ethnic groups and unique local artistic capacities, but has also become a major internationally recognized art event.

3. Times of Rocks in Yehliu

A Night-time Visit to the Queen’s Head For tourists who want to visit Taiwan in April and May, don’t forget to visit Yehliu Geopark. At night, tourists will be treated to music accompanied by artistic works of artists in the form of water projections and light shows that show the rock features of Yehliu Geopark. This is one of the interesting and unforgettable experiences worth attending while visiting Taiwan.

Tourists can visit artistic and entertaining special areas and enjoy water projections and light shows. Combining the wonders of technology and against the backdrop of beautiful natural scenery, visitors can enjoy a night full of fond memories.

4. Sun Moon Lake Cycling, Music & Fireworks Festival

The festival which lasts for more than a month features a series of events that combine elements of art and culture with entertainment and sports. Since 2000, a magnificent fireworks display has been an annual event at Sun Moon Lake.

In 2003, this attraction was included in the first Sun Moon Lake Festival. With a team of personnel from various countries, the fireworks display was lively for a whole month.

Now, the fireworks display will be part of a larger series of events, namely Sun Moon Lake Cycling, Music & Fireworks Festival. This series of events is also enlivened by leisurely cycling activities, bicycle racing, marathon running, orienteering around the lake, as well as musical performances to classical music concerts.

Several other interesting events such as special wedding ceremonies and tea festivals were also held to enliven this event. The Sun Moon Lake Cycling, Music & Fireworks Festival is scheduled to take place from October to November.

5. Sun Moon Lake International Swimming Carnival

Nantou is the only home to Sun Moon Lake which is famous as the largest freshwater lake. Attracting overseas visitors, the lake is an important tourist destination, and in addition to its scenic beauty, its unique landscape has made it a great place for cycling, marathons, and annual swimming competitions. Titled the Sun Moon Lake International Swimming Carnivel, this is the largest and longest-running event in the area, starting in 1983. Every year around the Mid-Autumn Festival, swimmers from all over Taiwan or abroad gather at Zhaowu Pier to participate in this grand event.

Where the length of the track is up to 3000 meters and in 2002 it was officially included among the world’s famous swimming competitions. Held at Sun Moon Lake, the event will take place on September 4, 2022.

6. Penghu International Fireworks Festival

The Penghu International Fireworks Festival is not the only event that draws tourists to Penghu during the summer. The event is also a spectacular sight lighting up the night sky that we look forward to seeing every summer.

First held in 2003, this festival was held lively by bringing singers to famous Taiwanese performing groups to entertain. The fireworks display at stunning heights, romantic music, flowing rockets, and a sea of lanterns, turn Penghu into a magnificent sight.

When night falls, this festival will make Penghu even more beautiful. Penghu International Fireworks Festival has become one of the great summer events and a beautiful and majestic night scene for tourists. This year, the event will take place from April 25, 2022 to June 30, 2022.

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