Popular Travel Destinations in Japan That Attracts Young People’s Attention


Do you know that there are popular tourist destinations in Aichi (Japan) that are of interest to young people?

Aichi Prefecture is located between Tokyo and Osaka. Aichi Prefecture has a developed metropolis like Nagoya, and you can see various tourist attractions with beautiful nature and history if you leave Nagoya.

In recent years, there are unique tourist destinations in Aichi that are popular on social media, such as Instagram, and attract the attention of young Japanese people. Let’s get acquainted with tourist destinations that are popular among young Japanese people.

●RAYARD Hisaya-odori Park

RAYARD Hisaya-odori Park opened on September 18, 2020. After about 2 years since its opening, the park has become a new landmark in Nagoya. The park is divided into 4 zones and has about 40 shops. The most popular places among young people are cafes. Not only cafes that are popular in Japan, you can also find cafes that collaborate with anime characters, to cafes that collaborate with famous bicycle manufacturers. A variety of different desserts are available here, and if you share the story on Instagram, it’s sure to catch the attention of your friends!

RAYARD Hisaya-odori Park Marunouchi 3, Nishiki 3 and elsewhere in Naka-ku, Kota Nagoya, Aichi URL: https://www.aichi-now.jp/en/spots/detail/3245/[1]https://www.aichi-now.jp/en/spots/detail/3245/

●Osu Shopping District

The Osu Shopping District or Osu Shoutengai in Nagoya is one of the largest shopping districts in Japan. This place is a popular place among young people and a place to get the latest fashion, delicious culinary and knick-knacks at affordable prices.

For fashion, not only fashion for young people, this place also provides varied products for all ages, so that families can enjoy it. In addition, there are also local dishes from Aichi prefecture, namely “Nagoya Meshi”; international food, such as Korean and Turkish; to Muslim-friendly food. The shops change a lot and every time you come there may be a new one, so it will still be fun to come and shop here again and again.

Osu Shopping District Nakaku-Osu, Kota Nagoya, Aichi. URL: https://www.aichi-now.jp/en/spots/detail/291/ [2]https://www.aichi-now.jp/en/spots/detail/291/

●Inuyama Castle Town (Kota Kastel Inuyama)

Inuyama, a city in the northern part of Aichi Prefecture, has Inuyama Castle which is a national treasure of Japan with the oldest castle tower in Japan, and a prosperous living area around the castle. Until now, Inuyama Castle and the area located near the castle are visited by many tourists who come every day.

Although it has an old Japanese atmosphere, this place is a tourist area that attracts new shops opening. There are various unique instagramable experiences waiting for you here, such as local Japanese cuisine “Temari Sushi”, cute and delicious sweets, to kimono rental to get around the area around the castle.

Inuyama Castle Town 12, Kitakoken, Oaza Inuyama, Kota Inuyama, Aichi URL: https://www.aichi-now.jp/en/spots/detail/176/[3]https://www.aichi-now.jp/en/spots/detail/176/

●Irago Nanohan Garden

Many people think of sakura when they think of Japan, but Nanohana, the flower that blooms before the cherry blossoms, also attracts attention. Irago Nanohana Garden is one of the largest nanohana sites in Japan located on the Atsumi Peninsula, southern part of Aichi Prefecture. This place is one of the best photo spots in Aichi Prefecture because of the vast sea of yellow nanohana flowers. The Atsumi Peninsula is a place where you can get a lot of fish and shellfish, making it popular among young people as a place to enjoy the beauty of nanohana and fresh seafood from Aichi Prefecture. Bike rentals are also available, so you can get around Irago without getting tired of walking.

Irago Nanohana Garden Hamayabu, Horikiri, Kota Tahara, Aichi URL: https://www.aichi-now.jp/en/spots/detail/228/[4]https://www.aichi-now.jp/en/spots/detail/228/

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