Riam Tinggi Tourism Village, Hidden Paradise in the Middle of Central Kalimantan's Tropical Forest


In the past, not many people knew Lamandau. However, recently the name of the district on the border of Central Kalimantan (Kalteng) and East Kalimantan (Kaltim) has begun to resonate. Along with the emergence of tourist objects full of charm. One of them is in Riam Tinggi Village.

KALTENG is a province known for its dense tropical rain forest. Not surprisingly, in addition to natural wealth, there are so many natural beauty that has the potential to become a leading tourist attraction. One that sticks out is Lamandau.

The district with a population of about 101 thousand people does have so many hidden paradises in the thick of the forest. Some have become leading tourist destinations. One of them is the Riam Tinggi Tourism Village, Delang District, which is managed by the Batu Rajo Tourism Awareness Group (Pokdarwis). In fact, now the destination has become one of the icons after being included in the Top 300 Indonesian Tourism Village Awards. It is not surprising that this one tourist village has received recognition. Travelers who come there will enjoy a complete tour package. Starting from serving natural beauty, culture, to culinary.

Not only that, travelers who like adventure will not be disappointed if they come there. Hiking fans can try the challenge of climbing Mount Hole Lightning. On a hill that is often called one of the peaks of the paradise of the island of Borneo, a traveler will be treated to an extraordinary masterpiece of the Creator, a stretch of thick white cloud fog that covers the treetops in the forest like a country above the clouds with clean and fresh air.

Rafting enthusiasts can also try the challenge of going down the river that divides the wilderness on a bamboo raft or inflatable boat. That sensation can be found on Earth Bahaum Bakuba.

Not only that, travelers can also feel the freshness of bathing in Riam Batu Rajo while playing with rocks. There is also a colorful suspension bridge that farmers usually pass to their fields. “The white water rafting attraction in Riam Tinggi Village is currently viral. In fact, it is now at the temporary top of the Anugerah Pesona Indonesia (API) Award 2022 in the Water Tourism category,” said Riam Tinggi village tourism manager Gogo.

In addition, there are many other dishes that visitors to Riam Tinggi Village can enjoy. For those who want to spend the night there, a number of betang houses (houses typical of the Dayak tribe) are ready to be a place to stay while getting to know more about the life of the local village community. The betang house is made of the hardest wood commonly called ironwood, namely ironwood. The shape of the house is elongated so that it can be inhabited by several families, which illustrates togetherness.

About culinary, don’t worry. There are many dishes that are worth trying for the traveler. One of them, sipping Mantir coffee (coffee with a mixture of red ginger and spices) accompanied by pulut lemang (glutinous rice wrapped in banana leaves and grilled in bamboo).

Or, if you want a complete culinary package, tourists can also order traditional food that used to be served to kings such as rice cooked in semar bag plants. If it coincides with the durian season, there are so many variants of “the king of fruits” that can be enjoyed. Starting from red durian, yellow durian, to trotungan durian. There are also other unique dishes that can be enjoyed. Namely, a traditional spa in the style of rural communities with fragrant spices from the Kalimantan forest that will maintain a healthy body and skin beauty.

Prohibition of Grilling Terasi and Seluang Fish

Among the many rides and offerings that can be enjoyed at the Riam Tinggi Tourism Village, Bukit Lubang Kilat is one of the favorite objects. In fact, the name of the hill is being viral in the world of social media (social media).

The natural scenery at the top of the hill is so extraordinary. Especially if you see it just before the sun rises. Not surprisingly, local and foreign tourists are curious to feel the sensation.

Behind its beauty, there is a legend about the origin of the name Hole Lightning. It was the village head, Endang, who told the story to Radar Sampit (Jawa Pos Group). “There used to be a hamlet located in the village area. Inhabited by residents who farm in the middle of the forest. Even though the location is quite remote, they choose to live there,” he said.

Then, one day the people in the village held a party. However, the celebration did not invite hamlet residents. “Knowing that, the residents of the hamlet are angry because they feel they are not considered,” said Endang.

They were still desperate to come to the party while bringing a monkey who was given clothes and pants like a human. No doubt, the action was laughed at by the villagers. This response made the people of the hamlet even more sad and angry. They chose to go home in the pouring rain. Before long, an event occurred. Lightning flashes repeatedly. To the extent, so many rocks were broken by the lightning. “So the area is called Bukit Lubang Kilat,” he said.

From that story, there are a number of guidelines that visitors must follow when climbing. From not being allowed to say dirty words to doing other impolite things so as not to get hurt. “And, those who camp on the hill are forbidden to burn terasi and seluang fish,” he said.


– To get there, it takes 2 hours drive from Nanga Bulik, the capital of Lamandau Regency.

– If going from Iskandar Pangkalan Bun Airport, it takes about 4 hours to travel.

– This destination was developed seven years ago, when Delang District was designated by the local government as a tourist destination.

– There are a number of annual events there. Among them, the Balayah Lanting Festival and the Babantan Laman traditional ceremony every 7th day of the 7th month of each year.

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