Soto Semar Recipe: Mint Leaves for Soup Plus Sei Sapi Condiments


Soto is one of Indonesia’s culinary specialties that can unite all people. There are various variants of soto with their own uniqueness. This time it’s time to “taste” the soto semar.

The warm and savory gravy with a variety of delicious condiments makes Soto suitable as a dish for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Not infrequently people are willing to hunt for soto with a unique and distinctive taste. One of them, soto semar.

Executive Chef MaxOne Dharmahusada Hotel Hernanto said, Soto Semar looks like a blend of Central Javanese and East Javanese soto. The broth is rich in spices, but feels clean in the throat. “All the spices used for soto soup are not mashed, but thinly sliced,” he said.

The mashed spices, he continued, will indeed get a stronger or medok spice taste. However, some people don’t like it because the sauce is getting heavier. “In this case, the spices are sliced and sauteed. The aroma remains strong and tastes delicious,” he added.

Hernanto explained, Soto Semar is unique in terms of taste. Because, making soup or soup soto not only uses spices, but also added mint leaves. “The goal is to warm the body and relieve coughs,” he said.

In addition, what distinguishes Soto Semar from other Sotos is the condiments. In its presentation, Soto Semar uses a more complete filling. Apart from shredded chicken, eggs, tomatoes, celery leaves, the main condiment of Soto Semar is beef sei from Kupang. “The meat is more savory and sweet. The smoke is also stronger. This is the difference,” he said.

Sei beef from Kupang has a better taste than other beef sei. This is because the fumigation process uses the leaves of the kesambi tree. “The smoking process makes the aroma and taste of beef sei more delicious,” he said.

In addition, there are chips that are always served in the Soto Semar dish. Emping is dipped directly into the soto sauce. “The way to eat it is to soak the chips in soto sauce to make it more unified,” he said.



1.5 kg chicken or 1 blanch

Garlic 100 grams, thinly sliced

Onion 150 grams, thinly sliced

Ginger 150 grams, cut into thin slices

10 grams of turmeric, mashed

Black pepper 5 grams

Cumin 10 grams

Salt 5 grams

10 grams of flavoring

Daun mint 15 grams


Tomato slices


Celery cut into small pieces

Shredded chicken

Smoked meat

Fried onions



White rice


1. Boil about two liters of water over medium heat.

2. Saute garlic until brown. Then, add the onions and ginger. Saute until fragrant.

3. Add ground spices, such as turmeric, cumin, black pepper. Saute until all the spices are evenly mixed and fragrant.

4. Enter the spices that have been sauteed into the boiled sauce.

5. Add the blanched chicken (so it’s not fishy).

6. Add mint leaves. And, add flavoring.

7. Boil about 45 minutes on low heat. The goal, the essence of the spices and chicken out.


1. Prepare the bowl.

2. Give sliced tomatoes, boiled eggs, and shredded chicken.

3. Pour the soto sauce.

4. Top with smoked meat, celery, lime, and chili according to taste.

5. Serve with separate warm rice. Complete with emping to make it more delicious.

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