The Exotic Telaga Dewa Cave in Meratus Geopark


Telaga Dewa Cave is one of several caves in Liyu Village, Halong District, Balangan Regency. The location is an asset of the Meratus Geopark which offers natural exoticism on the outside and charming rocks on the inside.

The head of the Liyu Megi Village Pokdarwis explained that Telaga Dewa Cave is approximately five kilometers from the center of Liyu Village. The cave is still beautiful with the cave mouth area overgrown with various types of plants.

“The cave is located in a village forest area and residents pass by every day to go to the garden or forest,” Megi said as quoted by Antara in Paringin, Tuesday (31/5).

According to him, it is not so difficult to get to these natural attractions. Moreover, it is assisted by access to a farming business road that is convenient to cross.

However, when it rains the road feels slippery and extra caution is needed. Although already using a cast road, the path that is crossed is up and down the mountain.

He continued, when visiting must prepare sufficient lighting. Because, in the cave so dark.

Megi explained, the water from the top of the cave kept on soaking the floor in the tunnel. The beauty of the cave’s stalactites and stalagmites is also a part that is no less a concern. In addition, on the ceiling of the cave, a swallow’s nest was also found.

“The God’s Lake Cave feels very cold when entered. There are parts of the cave that are wide, and some of them have to crawl as they continue down the deeper tunnel,” said Megi.

In addition, Megi continued, it was named Telaga Dewa because hundreds of years ago, the cave was used as a place of meditation and a cave ornament was found that seemed to form a mini lake whose water never dries up. The ornament, known as the Telaga Dewa, was found after walking approximately 30 meters from the mouth of the cave.

Of course, when in the cave there are restrictions and rules that must be obeyed by visitors. Since 2018, Telaga Dewa Cave has been crowded with visitors. However, due to irresponsible tourists, crossing the walls of the cave, the place was temporarily closed.

“Before reopening, we provide education so that tourists are more careful and no longer do irresponsible things in the cave,” explained Megi.

He added that every cave ornament was formed over a long period of time. So it is very unfortunate if there are tourists who cause damage to the cave.

One of the tourists, Sukri said, Telaga Dewa Cave in Liyu Village is very beautiful and exotic with its beauty. “This cave is extraordinary, from the mouth of the cave it is very beautiful to enjoy, especially when you get into it to see such unique ornaments,” said Sukri.

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